Ian Jeffreys created the RAMP Principle. It makes a simple structured effective warm-up to follow.

The RAMP principle follows three phases; Raise, Activate/Mobilise and Potentiate.

The raised element of the RAMP principle is aimed at elevating the body temperature, heart rate, respiration rate, blood flow and joint fluid viscosity via…

Personally, I’m a fan of vinyl’s (records).

When I tell people that I love vinyl and collect them, I often get some funny looks followed by “do you” or “that’s coo”l. I don’t collect them to be cool, or trendy or anything like that. I collect them simply because I…

In the last few months, I have focused on getting strong and more powerful.

All for rugby. As I’m moving from Fly-Half (10) to Inside Centre (12). It's purely because my team doesn’t have a 12, so I thought I’d give it a bash.

Within my training plan, I’m lifting…

The popularity of isometric swings back and forth. This is mainly because it’s not an exciting type of training — it doesn’t compare to Olympic lifting, plyometrics. Trainees tend to gravitate to dynamic training such as conventional weight lifting or ballistic type lifts.

However, isometric training can offer an excellent…

Ed Benskin

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