The popularity of isometric swings back and forth. This is mainly because it’s not an exciting type of training — it doesn’t compare to Olympic lifting, plyometrics. Trainees tend to gravitate to dynamic training such as conventional weight lifting or ballistic type lifts.

However, isometric training can offer an excellent training stimulus and provide an even better training/coaching aid. The benefits of isometric contractions go far beyond rehabilitation or prehab type exercises. It has been well established that progressive isometric resistance training can lead to increases in maximal contractile torque.

An isometric contraction is a neuromuscular contraction without movement. A…

Over the past few months, I have been learning to play the guitar, going reasonably well — some days are far better than others. But on the whole, I’m getting better each week.

During this learning process to play the guitar, I have learnt a few things — other than just learning to play chords, fretting and picking notes.

What I have learnt is;

  1. Consistency is king

It is something that I have always believed and preached about. By being consistent each day, you are making your life 100% easier.

I aim to play the guitar for at least 40…

Ed Benskin

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